Monday, August 11, 2008

Illegal Immigration

When you want to find out what is causing an action, the answer is to "follow the money or the power." The dangers of illegal Immigration are clear:

1) When we have more than enough trouble identifying lawbreakers who are already citizens of America, we now ignore hundreds of thousands who come across our borders with no background check. Look at the horrible crimes that have been committed here that would not have victimized citizens and others if immigration laws were enforced...and we have no idea how many terrorist recruiters have taken up illegal residence.

2)We are establishing an attitude that laws aren't to be obeyed; that we, the people won't enforce the laws; that laws are "optional" in terms of being honored and obeyed. If you don't like a law, work to change it...don't violate it.

3) The silly notion that lawbreakers are entitled to the rights and privileges of citizens is preposterous; The constitution is essentially a contract between the people and the government...anyone who tries to enforce a contract has to show that they have abided by the contract in order to have the other side perform as promised. Illegal immigrants have not abided by the law and therefore should not be entitled to the benefits of the contract (constitution).

Now, look at what and to whom benefits flow if illegal immigration is unchecked and those who are here illegally can vote; where is the money and the power flowing?

1) Business’ gets cheaper labor and therefore can make higher profits or sell at lower cost (in some cases, I am sure, both are true);

2) Those who despise the United States would love to see our country overrun by those who have no patriotic feelings or duty felt to the country;

3) Those of a liberal bent (who want to take other's money and give it to those that they deem in need [as long as it isn't their money]) believe that if illegals are given status and citizenship that the new citizens would naturally vote for those that championed their cause and provide a new and overwhelming majority to sweep said liberals (opps, "Progressives") into power with no threat from "non-like-thinkers."

These are the, destruction, and power. And no one is going to do a thing to stop it, because politicians put their own self-interest ahead of the Country...because the last thing they want is to lose an election and have to come back to where they started and have to actually earn a living and live with the laws that they passed.

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