Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

January 3, 2009. Feels funny to put that nine at the end...just when I was really comfortable with the eight. But, of course, I felt that way last year about this time about the relationship of the eight to the seven.

Just got back from a holiday trip back east to visit children, their spouses and my grandchildren. I love them all dearly and marvel at how each is so different one from the other but each is superb in some part of their life while being challenged in another. This awareness makes me really not want to look in the mirror...

And, as I get older (I swear, I heard a clump of dirt call me "kid" the other day) I really value the time in my cave. I enjoy pondering things as they come to me without the pressure of "duty" and "things to do" that used to make up my life's work. It is amazing how the absence of excuses require that you get honest with yourself about your actions, your thoughts and your purpose. It is ever so hard to blame others (people, things) when they are not there.

I'm beginning to think that everyone should be required to spend one month alone each year doing absolutely nothing that is "duty" or "obligation", with the only mandate being that you could not talk with others, "text", watch TV, listen to any radio, ipod or other artificial sound.

I believe we all would learn how to sleep well again, learn our own values (rather than others), re-evaluate the joy, pain and benefits of relationships and otherwise just become a more complete person.

It won't ever happen, I know, but I do believe there would be an immeasurable benefit...both individually and to civilized (now there is an abandoned concept) existence generally.

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Kirsten said...

I agree completely. Love you! :)