Sunday, August 1, 2010

What are the odds....

The UAE said Sunday it will block key features on BlackBerry smart phones, citing national security concerns because the devices operate beyond the government's ability to monitor their use. Officials in neighboring Saudi Arabia indicated it planned to follow suit. That was the obvious story...but there is a bit more to be concerned about. Remember Iran? Growing unhappiness with the Shaw finally led to his overthrow and establishment of an anti-American regime.

Would any of us like to bet on what this administration's reaction would be if either or both Saudi Arabia and the UAE governments fell to Islamic Extremists? Think it can't happen? Want to bet your oil prices on that?

For the sake of arguments, consider what the Office Temp and the Sycophants (sorry, the President and Congress) would do if such an event took place. What would Reagan do? Probably tell them if the oil stops, so will their hearts.

What would this administration do? My bet is that, after a bit of hand-wringing and speeches at the United Nations, Obama would point out the good news that we now have an obvious need to develop new power sources and that the cost of doing that is much below the sudden pricing of gasoline at $13 a gallon. That's my bet...and I will even give odds...(slow down, cowpokes. I haven't set them yet. I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid)

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