Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sometimes I am tempted to feel sorry for God...

There is a temptation to feel sorry for God. He (since there are so many thing wrong with the world, God MUST be a man...ask any woman) creates this world which he believes is perfect. Turns out, like a disappointed inventor, his major element...man..is not quite perfect. As a matter of fact, a great deal less than perfect. So...he talks to him. Tells him how to do the right thing. Alas, no luck. Tries a lot of things to convince them to follow his lead: Captivity, slavery, even a flood. Nothing, nada, zip, zero. So...he figures...if they won't listen to me, maybe they will listen if I get down on their level....???

So now, here on our world stage in a production by God Almighty, we present... Jesus. The Messiah, the Superstar; he heals, he produces miracles, he makes water into wine... He sacrifices himself on the cross to give us a way to get right with God again...and then comes back from the dead!  Gotta make a difference, right? Well, except for the choir (the disciples and few of his followers, actually), not so much. Man listens to nobody (big surprise...again, ask any wife)...and understands nothing.

Me? I wonder how we ever survive a sunrise, much less the human imperative to control others and believe that we are some sort of universal elite. We are universally delusional. Just look around you.

Me? I look at asylums. The people in them are insane...we declare ourselves the ones in control. Really? Let us review the situation...They are cared for 24-7-365(or 366, depending on the year), can say and act any way they wish, get a roof over their heads, full health care (well, we are getting close there, I am promised), meals, snacks, and can pretend to live any life they can imagine. And it costs them nothing. Out here, I have to make decisions, be lied to by my government, insist on believing the lies, be insulted by my "public servants", have to find a way to earn enough money to pay for my own room and board, clothes, as well as support the government and that guy who is labeled and denigrated as "insane." ...and I am in control?

What is wrong with this picture. I am starting to envy the guy we are all feeling sorry for even as we dismiss his existence. Maybe we are truly the ones who are insane.

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