Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do National Politicians have the capacity to learn?...Anything?

There are few differences between the governing of King Louis XVI of France and of todays Federal administration in Washington, D.C., in the United States.

Both acted with little concern for public wishes. Both acted to benefit their own interests. Both ignored the fact that they were acting disrespectful toward the majority in their country. And both had fair warning about the possible consequences of continued unresponsiveness: in France there was the convening of the Estates-General followed by members of the Third Estates proclaiming the Tennis Court Oath; here in the United States we have had the spontaneous rise of the various (and numerous) Tea Parties, followed by an election that clearly sent a cautionary message to the United States General Government.

Will history show that the parallel continued? I do not know. But, the actions of the current Administration to date show the same degree of disregard that was shown by Louis XVI. Perhaps someone in the White House and in Congress would be well served by going to their windows and recognizing the fast-vanishing patience and already aroused anger of the populace...their survival might depend on it.

Wonder what kind of odds a British Bookmaker might give me?

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