Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Giffords' reaction disingenuous at best, considering the past

Want to find real "hate" speech? Go flip through the posts on the Daily Kos sometime...if you can stand it. And go over to Newsvine (sponsored by Newsweek) for more of the same. It makes the rather mild attacks on (primarily) the ideology of the Left look tame by comparison. The frequency of the calls for the untimely demise of various Conservatives and others that do not espouse the Liberal line is wall to wall...almost universal, yet I have never heard the media denounce that as inappropriate. 

In the Giffords case, I find the rush to find blame through a domino effect to be disingenuous at best and flat out lying for political effect at worst. And the secular powered diminution of God and Morality enables the effort of the Progressive-Liberal-Socialist-Democrat-Elites' to take find some political advantage from the act of one psychopathic delusional nut.

Would the new media be treating this story the same if the victims had been Republican or Conservative...or Libertarian? Tea Party? My suspicion is that the media and the Progressive-Liberal-Socialist-Democrat-Elite would suddenly find that the victims had brought it one themselves.

What if the shooter of Giffords and the rest had been an illegal? Can you describe the sound of silence? 

And, as tragic as the killings were, why indeed are they any more tragic than the death of a soldier in Iraq, Pakistan, or Afghanistan from a suicide bomber, or the murder of a Rancher on his own American Ranch on the border? How is it that they do not deserve a personal visit from the President? What are they...chump change? I think not. And a visit from the President no only exalts the psychopathic shooter (and proving to other psychopaths out there that this is the way to fame), but by comparison shows his not so parallel values for others who have died at the hands of murderers.

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