Saturday, February 19, 2011


Beware the laws of unintended consequences. When 
a minority results to mob rule, the leave open the 
possibility of angering the majority. If that happens, 
and the MAJORITY riots, the minority will find itself 
overwhelmed by its own unleashed lawlessness as a 

These greedy people, enjoying a much better lifestyle 

because of their higher level of benefits and pay, 
achieved not by work but by group extortion, think 
they are entitled to keep that higher status at the 
expense of the taxpayer. Even as they complain 
about failure to tax the "rich", they ignore the fact 
that to the rest of the taxpaying public THEY are 
the rich.

As for Wisconsin, the changes that they are asked 

to ENDURE (yeah...some hardship) is to pay HALF 
of the contribution private sector folks have to pay 
for retirement and healthcare. Some hardship. And 
their rights are protected BY LAW, NOT the UNIONS. 
So that union contract adds little to their protections 
as workers.

Keep the National Democratic Party's out-of-state 

infiltrators helps confirm the nature of the 
Leftists in this country and reveals them for just what 
they are...opportunists.

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