Wednesday, March 26, 2014

America is becoming a "Sad" Country

America has been many things over the years: desperate, chancy, energetic, powerful, original, and dangerous, among many other labels.  But "Sad" wasn't one of them...until now.  America has become a very "sad" country.

Americans were always known for their energy, their independence, their pride and...yes...even for their foolishness.  But they were never sad.  They were optimistic. Their soul spoke of survival, overcoming and moving forward.

But Americans now more and more are dependent...mostly on government, but also on their parents and "others," expecting "someone else" to take care of them, expecting "someone else" to suffer the consequences rather than themselves.  Our leaders apologize to other nations for taking care of them in their needy times, show deference to those who treat their own citizens as second class beings and other nations as being beneath them.  Such is the state of our country...and it's leaders.

America's citizens allow it's leaders to spend beyond the country's means, not holding them accountable.  America's citizens allow their children to be burdened by this debt that was created to "give" our current populace a "free" lunch.

Some of us...not enough...feel guilty, even though we have not only not approved of these actions, but have spoken out and voted against them.  We feel sad.  We are embarrassed.

Unfortunately, the majority of American citizens apparently are not embarrassed, sad, or sorry.  They party on, on their children's dime.  How sad.  Long ago, we would have termed such actions and attitude as criminal.  But...laws, morals are now not mandates, but "suggestions" and right and wrong are decided by a minority vote, lest someone's feelings are hurt.

The last days of the Roman Empire seem glorious in comparison.

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