Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Can Minorities ever be Racist?

For a long time I have noticed that every time any white person says (pretty much ) anything that criticizes someone of any minority race, there is a charge of "Racism."  But...when the situation is reversed, not only does the individual making the comment not get attacked by pretty much anyone...but no one even admits that it could possibly be "Racism."  I don't think that is logical on any level.

I am not a fan of "Racism" or "hate" legislation anyway.  The behavior targeted is almost always already classified as a crime.  If you are convicted, you will suffer.  Having the suffering declared by two different legal entities does not logically increase your punishment.  If someone libels me...I don't much care what the subject of the libel is; if I can prove it, I will get a conviction...or a judgement...or whatever it is that I should get.  What bothers me is that if I should, purposefully or inadvertently, denigrate someone who is a minority...or a protected class...I have a panoply of attackers: local, state, federal, church, media...all jumping up and down to see who can most quickly and greatly destroy my very existence.  OK!  Lets suppose that is just fine.  Here is the question...

Why is it when the reverse happens, I cannot claim the same suffering, and have the same group of attackers come to protect me and destroy the person of minority status who has done exactly what was done to me?  Does that strike anyone as Justice...or even remotely fair?  And not only does that happen...but the media and all our public officials blithely ignore the happening; they will never even acknowledge that the event happened, much less that it was also "Racist" behavior.

So...when did white people become second class citizens, replacing in officials minds those that used to be treated inequitably?  Did I miss the establishment of some sort of secular purgatory?  And why does it never apply to Progressives....

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