Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Iran Nuclear "Agreement": final comment

Our Congress is going to repeat the their abdication of their oath's of office.  Just as they passed the Healthcare Bill without reading it, they now are going to allow an agreement that was fashioned in a manner designed to give Iran an express lane to both nuclear weapons AND ICBMs while also releasing Billions of Dollars to help Iran fund terrorism around the world.

The Administration continues to claim how tough this agreement is.  Really?  Even they acknowledge that they have not read ANY print, much less fine print, of the side agreements that the IAEA and Iran have signed and which are incorporated by reference into the multi-party agreement now being considered by Congress.  So, if Congress were really doing its job, it would refuse to even consider the matter as the entire agreement has NOT been submitted to Congress and the Administration admits that neither they or anyone on the negotiating team have seen these "secret" agreements.

No sane person would ever sign an agreement that did not state in writing ALL the conditions.  Would you sign a car loan that didn't say what constituted being late on a payment?  If you were told you had 30 days, but suddenly two days after it was due and while your payment was en-route they repossessed your car, would you be happy?  But it would be your own fault for not insisting that ALL the terms were there for you to read and understand.  But this is what Congress is doing, however, and they are being pushed by our Administration, which is saying, in effect, "Trust me...and them!"

Viewing Iran's behavior over the last 35 years, there is no basis for any degree of trust.  And this agreement has nothing in it that can be verified as requiring timely effective inspections.  So it is toothless and ineffective until or unless provisions to the contrary are shown in writing.

Yet our duly elected representatives are going to drink the Kool-aide; they will fail to over-ride the President's veto of their probably disapproval of this farce of an agreement.  And Iran has already stated, through their leader, that Israel will not exist within 25 years.  That is NOT an empty threat.  And with the ICBM development that this "agreement" allows, America will also be in range.

When the mushroom cloud does occur, a proper memorial should give credit to every administration member and elected member of Congress who did not vote to stop this farce.

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