Thursday, June 30, 2016

We are a "stricken" country!

I suspect that most of the citizens of Greece and of Rome were surprised when their civilizations collapsed.  After all, just living life and taking care of one's responsibilities to provide for one's family and to attend to each of our obligations takes time and attention.  We all tend...and I thing the citizens of Rome and Greece trust those with governmental power to preserve our safety.

We assume!

Of course we are aware of just how wrong that is...but we do it anyhow.  In part, we do it because those who got our vote promised us that they would look out for us...and, after all, they grew up in our town or county and knew what our attitudes were.  How could we expect that they would ignore us in favor of "strangers?"  Yet...they did.  And do.

Once our politicians leave our (their) town...they don't want to come back.  Even running for re-election is a chore and make them uncomfortable.  Just watch them at local "Town Halls."  Notice how controlled it is!  Notice how it "feels" like "us" versus "him (or her)".  Didn't feel that way the first time he or she ran for office, did it?

They went to Washington and became part of a new community.  The Washington establishment doesn't truly care about your town, your county, or your state.  They no longer are a part of it.  They have become a part of the elite establishment who, as a group, reassure each other that they "know best" and that your interests are just "wrong."

Are any of you who read this post for even one instant think this isn't so?  Are you that naive?  Or that wrapped up in your individual life pressures that you haven't noticed?  You have been...and continue to be...scammed.  Conned.  Lied to.  And...IGNORED. are too busy to do anything about it, so our country is stricken and on the way to oblivion.

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