Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Greek Orthodox Church gets pushed behind the Mosque

Everybody seems to have forgotten that a small Greek Orthodox Church was flattened by the disaster on 9/11. The Port Authority reneged on an agreement to provide some money for rebuilding the church, and have refused to meet with the church representatives to get everything on the road to restoration. Have you seen the Mayor, any NY representative or Senator, or the President or anyone in his administration speak out on behalf of this Church? No? Neither have I.

How can this be?

I guess that they will be playing ice hockey in Hades before President Obama will be celebrating a dinner with the Greek Orthodox and speaking out for THEIR right to rebuild (not build, mind you but REBUILD their church. Of course, the President wasn't raised in a Greek Orthodox home, so perhaps it is unreasonable to expect his recognition, much less support, for their interests. And the ACLU is seemingly only interested in groups that attack, verbally or actually, the United States, so they have no interest either. And apparently the Mayor of NY has no interest either...perhaps he doesn't see the Greek Orthodox as part of HIS "inclusive" city. Do we all have to convert to Islam to get "equal" treatment?

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