Monday, January 31, 2011

The Danger to America is not Ideological...

Jefferson once said, "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground."

We have been proving the truth of that statement for almost 235 years now. Mr. Obama's ideal of government isn't to be faulted for it's ideology. That is immaterial. It is not the ideology of government that destroys us, it is it's totalitarian nature.

The nature of government is to control. It eats away at individual freedom, sometimes painfully but often inexorably quiet, taking a small freedom here, an insignificant one there until the individual is left only with the decision of whether to live or die...and even that disappears over time.

It is politically incorrect for the Left to acknowledge openly that they believe in such totalitarian control, preferring to quote the mantra of "the common good"...but ask them who is to define that term. Whether a one person dictatorship, or a dictatorship by committee or ideology or religion, or by any other name...the result is a totalitarian government that eliminates personal Freedoms. And those on the Right argue that small government is the answer....the same logic as jumbo shrimp, it is a logistical oxymoron. It is like trying to be just a little bit pregnant.

I must allow that I believe in a totalitarian long as I was the Dictator, since I believe in the practice of benign neglect. But I lack the desire or the ego to want the job, and everyone else, whether in the form of one person or a group going by different titles, such as Senator or Congressman, is just totalitarian government no matter what it's title.

We allow our captors to focus our unhappiness on the strawment of ideology or religion or form of government, allowing them to continue the business of taking our freedoms and ruling us all.

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