Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Truly don't Understand

I used to think that America's biggest problems came in the political arena.

Perhaps that was incorrect.  I have been avoiding the news for quite a time now, because it was just so disturbing and disquieting.  The political events in this country just seem beyond control, and I was just not ready to even consider the reports of every day events.  After all...the news is always bad.  No one ever makes money reporting good news.

But...I cannot understand how Americans have allowed their lives to deteriorate to the degree that nightly news reports suggest is becoming the norm.

Child molestation is apparently now being "punished" by probation or less than one year sentences.  There was a time when such a crime would require the death penalty with approbation from all.  Those with criminal records that show a consistent lack of honor for a civil life when suffering invited injury or death by law enforcement are eulogized by demonstrators, some of the most vocal of which are clearly interested more in defying law of any sort rather than any individual injustice.

Colleges refuse to allow movies or discussions about abortion criticisms, but refuse to allow the showing of a movie documenting "honor" killings by Muslims and other domestic violence practiced by Muslim extremists.  Charter Schools in NY that provide true opportunity to disadvantaged students are closed by the NYC Mayor arguably elected by that same electorate.

HUD is a vehicle to bring the wrath of the Federal Government on property owners who operate in good faith on the basis of just one complaint, with absolutely no showing of a balanced view of counter claims, thereby threatening fiscal disaster to individuals and HOAs across the country.

Ever try to get the government's help on anything?  Unless you claimed minority status, did you ever get any satisfaction?  The odds are great that you would answer "no."  Why is that?  We live with the belief that the government exists to serve us, right?  But it turns out that our belief is an illusion.  Our government's actions would appear to prove that it serves their own officials, both elected and appointed, and those who can pay them (with votes or money...or both).  So we are being governed by a dictatorship by committee...and we are powerless to defend ourselves.

I have this feeling that when I die, it will be by natural causes...whether that is true, or really by government action or neglect I do not know, but I know what I suspect...

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